If you had an issue during a match in an event, please provide the following information to help us investigate the issue:

1) Your account UID number. You can find this information at the bottom of the Settings screen.

2) Name of the Event and Node you were playing.

3) Could you please explain the issue you had with as much detail as possible?
3.1) Did the match freeze? Or did the game crash?
3.2) Was it related to an objective? Like did you do what the objective required, but it’s not showing as completed?
3.3) Was it related to a card, planeswalker or ability behavior? How did it happen?
3.4) Any other information that you can remember and think it’s important.

4) Did you capture any screenshot of the incident? If so, they will be very helpful.

Once the event comes to an end, we can verify if the issue(s) described affected your final result. If so, we'll be happy to compensate you.

To contact us click HERE