We have some reports that a small number of players are unable to progress through the Tutorial. We are working on a proper fix but have found a temporary fix that should work. Please see instructions below and reach out to customer support if you continue to have problems progressing. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

  • Uninstall the game (this will clear your local save/player preferences).
  • For iOS, on the device go to Settings > GameCenter > Sign out from GameCenter
  • For Android, on the device find Google Play Games and sign out.
  • Reinstall the game, and when the game logs you in, close the Google Play or Game Center pop-up that appears.
  • This will prompt you to make a brand new account.
  • Play through Tutorial again.
  • After you fully complete the Tutorial, close the App.
  • Sign back in to GameCenter or Google Play Games.
  • Launch the game again, and you will see an account conflict screen.
  • Select OVERWRITE on the account conflict screen to overwrite your old socially linked account that was broken.
If you do not have the option to sign out of Google Play from the app or from your Google Play Games settings, please follow the steps below as an alternative:  
  1. Open the device's Settings menu.
  2. Tap Accounts and Backup (some devices may list this as Accounts and Sync).
  3. Tap Accounts.
  4. Locate and tap the Google Account that needs to be signed out.
  5. Tap Remove Account.
And this should fix the issue and allow you to progress through the game.