MARVEL’s upcoming show What If … ? is almost here – and we can’t wait! To celebrate, we’re launching “The Puzzle Quest” – a hunt across MARVEL Puzzle Quest and more. Join the search for answers to four challenging clues for a chance to win prizes! Starting today through July 24th, you can start putting clues together. We will reveal a new clue every few days. Everyone who submits a correct answer will receive a prize! 

The search is on! Can you find the answers to all the clues? Here’s the latest clue:

CLUE #1: In MARVEL Puzzle Quest, what color is Gwenpool’s shirt
in the Gwen Prix event?

Submit your answer for CLUE 1 HERE.


Clue #2: Watch the What If? Exclusive First Look trailer and then answer the question below.

What does T’Challa say he’s been exploring in the trailer for What If … ?

Submit your answer for CLUE 2 HERE.


Clue #3 Who is Deadpool holding in his left hand in the Deadpool Daily Event Background?

Submit your answer for CLUE 3 HERE.


Check out the FREE Exiles Vol. 3 #3 Digital Comic HERE:

Follow the link and click on the Comic, then scroll down the page and click "Read Now" to check out the comic for FREE! If you are unable to view comic via your mobile device, please try viewing with a PC.

To Answer Clue #4 finish this quote from Peggy Carter in Exiles Vol. 3 #3: “No one's going to care how any of us were dressed after we take down _____!”

Submit your answer for CLUE 4 HERE.


All 4 clues must be submitted by July 24th at 11:59PM PST.