Are you new to MARVEL Puzzle Quest or just need a refresher? If this is you, or if you are just really interested in the latest and greatest MPQ content, we are super excited to bring you a special series to help serve as a guide with the "Key to Success" videos.

We hope this helps you start upon an epic journey in Marvel's only match-3 puzzle game and that you can see why proclaims the game as the following - "Marvel Puzzle Quest Might Just Be My Forever Game."

Video 1 - Keys to Success (Part 1: An Introduction)

Video 2 - Keys to Success (Part 2: Getting Started)

Video 3 - Keys to Success (Part 3: Building & Leveling Up Your Roster)

Video 4 - Keys to Success (Part 4: Selecting Optimal Characters)

Video 5 - Keys to Success (Part 5: How to Succeed Long-Term)

If videos aren't playing within the FAQ above, please CLICK HERE to view YouTube videos.

We hope after completion of watching these videos, you are equipped with the strategy and tips you need to hit the ground running to make your ultimate Marvel dream team! There is an amazing community of MARVEL Puzzle Quest players and we recommend joining the forums HERE to learn more from fellow players and the MPQ team to help give you continued success!

Thanks for playing!