We have two options for clearing the Facebook Backup save file on your account. The first option is for you to go into your Facebook account and delete the data on your end. You can do so by using the following steps:

1. Force close the Marvel Puzzle Application from all devices that you're currently using.
2. Make sure you're logged out of the Facebook Application on your device under Settings>Facebook.
3. Sign into Facebook using a separate computer or device than the one you want to clear data from.
4. Navigate to Your Games, select Marvel Puzzle Quest, and delete this data from your account.
5. Launch the Marvel Puzzle Quest and you may safely backup your data from there.

If this does not work, then we can unlink your account data manually from our end. In order to proceed, we will need your Facebook ID Number. You can locate this information by using the following instructions:

1. Sign into your Facebook Account by using your primary web browser.
2. Navigate to Your Games and select Marvel Puzzle Quest from these options.
3. Select the "Get Help Using Marvel Puzzle Quest" Option and read the text that is given.
4. Reply to this ticket with the User ID presented to you. This should read: "Your Marvel Puzzle Quest User ID is xxxx."

Once we have your Facebook ID Number, we can locate your account and manually unlink it from your Facebook account.