Saved Teams allow you to save and quickly access frequently used teams. For example, if there is a particular team you use everyday in the Deadpool’s Daily quest mission Under the Sea, save it to help find the right team much quicker

When do I have access to Saved Teams?

Starting at S.H.I.E.L.D. Rank 16 you will be able to save teams

Where do I find the Saved Teams screen?

You can access the Saved Teams option from the Team Select screen after selecting a mission

How do I save a Team?

When you select the Save button on the Team Select screen, your team will be saved. An exception is when you have a loaned character. It will not save your team if you have a loaned character on your team.

How do I select a team to use for a mission?

From the Saved Team screen, select the Load Team button to set your current team to the Saved Team. Note that your team will be changed if you enter a mission that has character restrictions.

Can I load characters that cannot enter the mission due to character, rarity, or another restriction?

When on the Saved Teams screen, the team will be greyed out if it cannot be loaded into the mission.

How many teams can I save?

At launch, you can save 6 teams.

How can you get additional saved teams?

At launch, you cannot get more than 6 Saved Team slots.

How do I change the order of my Saved Teams?

At release, you cannot change the order of your saved teams.

Can I change the name of my Saved Teams?

Selecting the pencil button when viewing your saved teams will give you the chance to name your teams.

Can I delete a Saved Team?

Yes! Press the Trash button to delete a Saved Team. You will be given an confirmation to delete the Saved Team (characters are not deleted from your roster)