Deadpool (Spirit of Vengeance)

An MPQ Original Character

5-Star Rarity 

Affiliations: Heroes

"Deadpool was hired to eliminate a popular taco truck vendor. But when he arrived to do the deed, he was swayed by their delicious “Hellfire” Tex-Mex and decided to spare them instead. It was then that Deadpool’s mysterious client appeared: Mephisto!

Due to Mephisto’s Hellfire chillies, the vendor found new success and celebrated by donating free food to the community. But charity wasn’t part of the deal; the price had to be paid. In a rage at Deadpool’s mercy, Mephisto forced him to take on the Spirit of Vengeance! Now, he spreads hellfire and delivers punishment along with his fellow Ghost Riders (that is, when they aren’t bickering)." 

(Abilities listed at level 255, followed by 450)
14191 Health / 57038 Health

 29 |  200 |  175 |  25 |  27 |  225 |  111 |  4.0x
 114 |  800 |  700 |  97 |  106 |  900 |  445 |  4.0x

Penance Fare - 6  AP
Step up and try one of my tasty Tex-Mex treats! All my food is lovingly cooked over a roaring Hellfire grill. Take a moment to chow down and think about what you've done.

Here's what's on the menu for today:
Tacos Diablos - The devil made them do it. Deals damage to the target equal to 80% of the damage they've dealt this mission.
Disgrace-adilla - For an additional 3  - Deals 1130 extra damage to another random enemy. (Deals more damage at higher levels) (Max level Level 1 4541, Level 5 8174 damage)
Burritonement - For an additional 3  - Destroys 3 tiles in the target's strongest color. (Destroyed tiles do not generate AP.) (Destroys 4 tiles at Level 5.)
Fajitality - For an additional 3  - Creates a 4-turn Purple Countdown tile that deals 1494 damage if it gets matched or destroyed. (Deals more damage at higher levels, increases to 5-turn tile at Level 3) (Max level Level 1 6004, Level 5 9757 damage)
  • Level 2: Deals 90% of the enemy's total damage, plus upgrades to Disgrace-adilla and Fajitality.
  • Level 3: Deals 100% of the enemy's total damage, plus upgrades to Disgrace-adilla and Fajitality.
  • Level 4: Deals 120% of the enemy's total damage, plus upgrades to Disgrace-adilla and Fajitality.
  • Level 5: Deals 150% of the enemy's total damage, plus upgrades to Disgrace-adilla, Burritonement, and Fajitality.

Abyssal Blades - 8  AP
My sweet ninja-swords have been imbued with the power of VENGEANCE! Their Hellfire chains will hold the enemy in place while I whale on 'em for making poor life choices!

Deals 1244 damage, stuns the target for 1 turn and creates a 3-turn Red Countdown tile. If you match or destroy that tile, stun the target for 1 turn and create another Abyssal Blades Countdown tile. (Max level 4998 damage)
  • Level 2: Deals 1605 damage. (Max level 6447 damage)
  • Level 3: Deals 1966 damage. (Max level 7897 damage)
  • Level 4: Creates a 4-turn Countdown tile that stuns the target for 2 turns and recreates itself if matched or destroyed.
  • Level 5: Deals 4143 damage. Creates a 5-turn Countdown tile. (Max level 16643 damage)

Wade and Measured -   PASSIVE
(PASSIVE) Hoo boy, you look so guilty right now. Must be all that AP you're carrying. Yup, definitely the AP - I can clear that conscience for ya. Whenever you make a match in the target's strongest color, I'll take one of their AP in that color and deal 657 damage. This is a service I provide as a Spirit of Vengeance. (Max level 2642 damage)
  • Level 2: Deals 723 damage. (Max level 2906 damage)
  • Level 3: Deals 788 damage. (Max level 3170 damage)
  • Level 4: Deals 920 damage. (Max level 3699 damage)
  • Level 5: Deals 1183 damage. (Max level 4756 damage)

Release Schedule

Release Events:

Introducing... Deadpool - Oct 8-15
  • Rewards Iso-8 and a Heroic Token
  • Deadpool (Spirit of Vengeance) Shards in Progression rewards
Deadpool Vs. MPQ - Oct 8-13
  • Rewards tokens to the Spicy Deadpool Cover Store
  • Deadpool (Spirit of Vengeance) Shards in Placement rewards
Lost In Space - Oct 12-16
  • Deadpool (Spirit of Vengeance) Shards in Progression rewards
Weapon Tex-Mex - Oct 8-12
  • Deadpool (Spirit of Vengeance) in Placement rewards
Food Fight - Oct 11-14
  • Rewards tokens to the Spicy Deadpool Cover Store


Release Cover Store:

Spicy Deadpool Cover Store - Oct 8-16
  • Chance to get Deadpool (Spirit of Vengeance). Increased chances in 10x and 40x pulls

Special Limited Vault

Wade Wilson - Oct 15-19
  • 40 Items
    • 1x Ghost Pepper Legendary Store Token
    • 1x 4-Star TBD Character cover
    • 3x Random 3-Star covers
    • 6x Heroic tokens
    • 4x 2500 Iso
    • 6x 1000 Iso
    • 5x 500 Iso
    • 14x Two stars

Special Legendary Store

Ghost Pepper - Oct 15-19

  • 15% chance to get Deadpool (Spirit of Vengeance), Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes), and Pepper Potts
  • Additional Tokens can be purchased for 25 Command Points