Today we’re announcing a new playstyle in Marvel Puzzle Quest. Well, a new old way anyway. Have you ever thought the gem grid was tiny? Too easy? Welcome to Deadpool’s Gempool. Initially, we wanted to see if a 10x10 or 12x12 grid made things more interesting to play with. So after trying that, we thought, why not go bigger? 16x16? 24x24? Both ended up playable. Instead of stopping there we decided to go to the biggest size we could reliably tap on a phone. So we ended up at a 32x32 grid size. More than ever, board control vs the AI is a must.

Now, consider the meta ramifications. God Emperor Doom can reset 1024 tiles at once! Out of all our characters, a large proportion of them attack random portions or swap the board. There are no plans at present to change these abilities. We want to see how meta shakes out.

Right above, you can see another shot of us messing around with the system. It works! Kinda. Every time a turn comes up, it pretty much results in a single 3 of a kind. 4s and 5s are tough. Anyway, we look forward to seeing what players can do in this new wild, giant gridded world. Look out for it coming soon to Challenge Nodes near you!

Want to see it in action? Visit the Marvel Puzzle Quest YouTube Channel and see for yourself. Please note, the video contains no audio.

What do you think?!