Select heroes to become your Favorite Heroes. Visit your roster to pick your Favorite Heroes and start earning Bonus Shards for every pack you open.

How Do I Get Favorite Heroes?

Whenever you open a cover pack, you will receive Bonus Shards for your Favorite Heroes. Different packs reward different rarities and amounts of Bonus Shards.

What Stores are Favorite Heroes Available In?

Favorite Heroes are available in any cover store. Favorite Heroes are not available in Vaults.

How Many Shards Do I Get for Each Pack?

Different packs reward different rarities and amounts of Bonus Shards. To see how many Bonus Shards you will get from a pack, tap on the Pack Odds question mark. Opening 10x and 40x packs will reward you extra Bonus Shards.

How do I Select Favorite Heroes?

You can toggle favorite characters by tapping the heart icon on the character cover in the Roster screen or when viewing a character cover in the Roster screen. Characters you've not yet added to your Roster will appear as faded covers, but you can still choose your Favorite Heroes among them. Each rarity is represented by a different color icon.

Can I Select More Than One Character as a Favorite Hero?

Yes, you can! You can select as many Favorite Heroes in each rarity as you would like. When you receive Bonus Shards for your Favorite Heroes, you will only receive Shards for one character. When you open the 40x pack, you have a chance to get Bonus Shards for each of your Favorite Heroes in a given rarity.

Can I Choose to Not Select any Favorite Heroes?

Yes, you can. You will always earn the same number of Bonus Shards no matter how many you have selected. If you don’t have Favorite Heroes, Bonus Shards are rewarded to random characters of that rarity.

Can I Change My Favorite Heroes?

Yes! You can change your Favorite Heroes at any time.

What is the Limited Character Tag?

Limited characters are special characters like Howard the Duck and Devil Dinosaur. They cannot be set as Favorite Heroes, although they can still gain and use Shards.

What is the New Character Tag?

New characters are also excluded from Favorite Heroes. 3-Star and 4-Star characters have the “New!” tag until the season after they are launched. 5-Star characters have the “New!” tag until they have been in the game for two weeks.

When do I unlock Favorite Heroes?

Favorite Heroes unlocks at S.H.I.E.L.D. Rank 8.