Collect Shards to improve your heroes! You can redeem Character Shards to recruit a character, upgrade a power, or add a Champion Level—just like covers.

Which Characters can get Shards?

You can earn Shards for any 3-Star, 4-Star, or 5-Star hero.

How are Shards Stored?

You can check how many Shards you have for any Hero by looking at their Character Info screen.

How are Shards Redeemed?

Once you have enough Shards to claim a cover (see below for details), the Shard meter in the Character Info screen will turn green.

You can choose to redeem your Shards for any of the Hero’s three powers, including powers that you do not have yet.

How Many Shards are Needed to level up a Power?

How do You Get Shards?

At launch, you can earn Shards by opening packs. Whenever you open a cover pack, you will get Shards to your Favorite Heroes. To learn more about Favorite Heroes, go here.

Shards can also be purchased for Hero Points on the Resources screen. The selection of available characters rotates twice a day.

Do Shards Expire?

Shards never expire!

Can I Redeem Shards for a Power of Any Color?

Yes! Shards for a character can be redeemed for any color power of that character.

What is the Maximum Amount of Shards that a Character can Get?

The maximum amount of Shards that any one character can get is 9,999.