Saved Covers
 allows you to store comic covers you aren’t able to use, in order to convert them into another power’s level.


  • Available only for 2-Star characters and higher.
  • Covers can be saved on non-Champion characters, who have less than 13 total covers.
  • When a character’s power is at max level, further covers of that power in your Reward Cache can be saved.
    • Covers can be saved from the Reward Cache or when viewing the character in the Roster screen.
  • A maximum of five covers can be saved to a single character. (3 if it's a 5-Star)
  • Once you have saved five (3 if it's a 5-Star) covers on a character, you can trade them for a single power of your choice on the same character.
  • Covers that are saved, before a character is Championed, are automatically converted into Champion levels once the character is Championed. This way, no covers are lost if you happen to find that last 13th cover while working to save five covers.
  • If you have a Championed character and another recruited character with five levels in a power, you can add the cover as a Champion level, save the cover for the un-Championed character, or recruit a new character.
    • Selecting the “star” in the right corner of the cover in the Reward Cache screen will give you the option to add the Champion level or recruit the character.
    • Saving the cover can be done when viewing the un-Championed character in your Roster Screen.
  • Saved covers can’t be used to Power Shift powers. (Power Shifting is when you remove one level in a power in order to increase the level in another power.)