Supports are places, people, vehicles, gear… anything that helps make a Marvel hero or villain who they are.
They’re collectible, durable items that you equip to characters. Supports get stronger as their rank and level increase.

Who can equip Supports?
3-Star or higher characters can equip Supports.

Some Supports can only be equipped to certain types of characters. This is displayed at the bottom of the screen when viewing a Support.
How do Supports make your characters better?
Perks give bonuses and extra powers to the characters who equip them. Each rank that a Support gains, an additional Perk unlocks.
Perks only affect Story and Prologue missions right now.

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How do you get Supports?
Once you get a 3-Star or higher character, Supports will become available to you. At that point, you’ll receive a handful of Supports and some Red Iso-8 to start you off. (If you already have a 3-Star or higher character, you’ll get the initial Supports and Red Iso-8 when you log in to the
new build.)
When you receive a Support you don’t already own, it’s automatically added to your collection of Supports. Supports don’t take up roster slots.
You can earn additional Supports by redeeming Support tokens. Support tokens can be earned in Season rewards (starting with the upcoming Reality Season which begins May 3rd) and found in vaults and bundles.

Where do you see your collection of Supports?
You can see all the Supports that you own from the Supports screen. This can be accessed from the main screen next to the Roster button. When equipping a Support to a character, you will be taken to this screen as well.
What Is Red Iso-8?
Red Iso-8 is an all-new resource that is used to level up Supports. Red Iso-8 is earned through event rewards, special offers, and when receiving additional Supports that you already own.

What happens when I receive a Support that I already have?
When you receive a duplicate Support of equal or lesser rank to a Support you already own, the Support is converted to Red Iso-8 automatically. When you receive a duplicate Support of a higher rank, your Support immediately has its rank increased and you receive some Red Iso-8.

How do you make your Supports better?
For every Rank a Support has, an extra Perk is enabled. To increase the rank of your Support, you have to find a copy of that Support of higher rank. For example, if you have a rank 1 Vintage Shield and receive a rank 3 Vintage Shield, your Vintage Shield will be increased to rank 3.
Leveling your Support will make the Perks better. For every rank, the level of the Support can be increased by 50 levels. Rank 5 Supports have a maximum level of 250.

What if I want to change which character is using the Support?
After equipping a Support, it is locked for 2 hours. During that time, the Support cannot be unequipped from the character. After the locked duration has elapsed, however, the Support is able to be removed and equipped to any other valid character.
(This is to avoid a situation where the best strategy is to change your Support setup between every fight.)

What’s Coming Next For Supports?
Supports only work in Story missions right now, so that you have a chance to collect and explore them, and we have a chance to respond to your feedback, before we add them to Versus events.
We expect that we might need to make balance adjustments to this first batch of Supports in response to your feedback. We’ll also be experimenting with different ways to get Supports and Red Iso-8. Let us know what you think!