IMPORTANT: Only follow these steps if you have already backed up your save. Go Here if you have not backed up your save to Facebook before. This only works for Android, Amazon and iOS users.

PLEASE NOTE: These instructions also work for saving via Google Play and/or Apple (iOS 13 or higher users). Just replace your preferred platform to save and follow the instructions below.

Step:1 Open the options menu.
The options menu is the two interlocking gears in the small box that appears in the top left of the chapter select screen.

Step 2:   Tap the Facebook icon appearing in the options menu
The text "Save backup using Facebook" will appear to the right of the button.

Step 3: Confirm to log into Facebook
After this step you will be asked to log into Facebook to gain access to the Marvel Puzzle Quest game data you have saved. No one from D3 Go! or Demiurge Studios will ever ask for your Facebook password.

Step 4: Press "Confirm" to upload your save data to this device.
IMPORTANT: Pressing cancel will cause you to lose all recent progress.

Step 5: Your back up data is now on your current device
IMPORTANT:Before switching to another device it is advised to perform an action that saves the game. Such actions include beating a mission, opening a pack, and rostering a character.