Deadpool Points are points earned onc...OK D3, thanks for the help, but I'll take it from here.

People of MPQ and the internetz. It's Me, Deadpool! You must be wondering what those sweet Deadpool points are in-game. Well if you let me kick some baddies' behinds as part of your roster team, you can earn yourself some of those shiny points!

You can only do it once per day though, and Team-Ups don't count. Neither do those temporary teammates, because they're all just wannabe Me's, and you want the real deal on your team. Right? Right!

Here's the fun part! Take a look at my purple ability called WHALES! WHALES! WHALES! Normally I just drop a single Narwhal but once you get enough Deadpool points, you can spend your supply to drop ALL the whales for an INSTANT WIN. How cool is that?!

Oh, my chimichanga's done! Time for me to go. Tell Logan his bestest buddy says hi!