Introducing an all-new way to maximize your ISO-8 hunting progress with our newest items in MPQ, the Iso-8 Multiplier and Iso-8 Canister! Available with the R302 release of MPQ, players will come across these two new items in the store and as giveaways throughout the game so read on below to see how these two items can benefit your gameplay experience.

Iso-8 Multiplier

The Iso-8 Multiplier is an obtainable item that provides the player a defined percentage of additional Iso-8 whenever Iso-8 is earned or gained during normal gameplay. For example, if a player has a 1.5x Iso-8 Multiplier active while they earn or purchase 10,000 Iso-8, they will gain an additional 5,000 Iso-8 from the Multiplier.

How to Obtain and Activate
Iso-8 Multipliers can be acquired in a number of ways, such as being purchased in the shop or rewarded via giveaways. Iso-8 Multipliers automatically activate as soon as they’re acquired, and only one (1) Multiplier can be active at a time. If a player receives an additional Multiplier (such as via giveaway) while they have a Multiplier currently active, the additional Multiplier will be added to that player’s inventory for later use. Any Iso-8 Multipliers in a player’s inventory will automatically become active when the previous Multiplier expires - whether the previous Multiplier reaches its maximum reward cap or its expiration time limit.

When Does the Multiplier Expire?
Once activated, the Multiplier will remain active until one of two things occurs:

  1. The Iso-8 bonus reward cap for the specific Iso-8 Multiplier is reached (e.g. a certain Multiplier may only provide a maximum of 100,000 additional Iso-8 before it expires)


  1. The Iso-8 Multiplier reaches its preset time limit and expires (e.g. a Multiplier may only be active and provide bonus Iso-8 for 14 days before expiring).

Once either of the above conditions are met, the Iso-8 Multiplier will expire. After expiration, the Multiplier slot will either remain empty (if the player does not have another Multiplier available), or the next Multiplier will activate (if the player has an extra one available in their inventory).

New Shop Section for Multipliers
Iso-8 Multipliers will live in a new section inside the Resource Store! To find them, click the Resource Store icon or the Resources in the top-right corner of the MPQ home screen.

Once inside the Resource Store, scroll down to the bottom of the Store to see the new section for Iso-8 Multipliers. If the player does not have a Multiplier active, they will see all of the Iso-8 Multipliers currently available for purchase. If the player has a Multiplier currently active, they will instead see information pertaining to their currently active Multiplier, such as the progress towards the maximum reward cap and the time remaining for the current Multiplier.

Iso-8 Canister


The Iso-8 Canister is a new item that appears intermittently and unpredictably. When active and available, the Iso-8 Canister icon will appear on the right side of the MPQ home screen. During its active duration, the Canister will capture and store bonus Iso-8, up to a preset maximum bonus amount for each specific Canister.

Click the Canister’s icon on the home screen to view all the details about the current Iso-8 Canister - the bonus multiplier, the maximum bonus amount, and how long the Canister has left before it reaches zero.  Each Canister may have a different bonus amount, maximum reward cap, or active duration from any previous Canisters.  At any time while the Canister is active, a player may purchase the Canister to unlock it and receive all of the bonus Iso-8 inside when the Canister’s countdown reaches zero. If a Canister isn’t unlocked when the countdown reaches zero, it will disappear and take all the bonus Iso-8 along with it. The next time the Canister appears, it will be empty and start a new countdown.


For example, an Iso-8 Canister may appear and remain active for 7 days with a bonus of 25%. During this time, the Canister will capture bonus Iso-8 equal to 25% of a player’s earned Iso-8 during the time period (including earned, rewarded, or purchased Iso-8), up to a maximum bonus amount. Players can unlock the Canister as soon as it appears or players can wait until the final day to unlock the Canister. When a purchased, unlocked Canister’s countdown reaches zero, that player will receive all of the bonus Iso-8 stored inside!