Champions offer you a way to progress your heroes after they reach their max level. Each additional cover that is used after a hero is promoted to Champion increases their level and earns you rewards, including Hero covers, Legendary Tokens, Command Points, Hero Points and more Iso-8.

When Can a Hero be Promoted to Champion?
Any 2, 3, 4 or 5-Star hero can be promoted to a Champion from the Hero Information screen once they reach their max level.

How Much Does It Cost to Champion a Hero?
You can promote heroes to Champions with Iso-8.
2-Star: 5,000 Iso-8
3-Star: 7,500 Iso-8
4-Star: 12,500 Iso-8
5-Star: 20,000 Iso-8

How Do you Add Levels to a Champion?
When you have additional covers of a Champion, you can add them to the Champion via the Reward Cache or from the Hero Information screen.

How Many Levels can be Added to a Champion?
You will be able to add additional levels up to the Champion Level Max.
2-Star: 50 Levels
3-Star: 100 Levels
4-Star: 100 Levels
5-Star: 100 Levels

What Kind of Rewards are Earned from Adding Levels?
You will receive Hero Covers, Tokens, Iso-8, Hero Points and Command Points as rewards. Each star rating has their own reward structure with most rewards being Iso-8, Hero Points and Command Points with Covers and Tokens added at increasing levels. Here are some notable rewards for each star rating:
2-Star: 5 Heroic Tokens, three related 3-Star Hero Covers, 250 Hero Points, and 5 Command Points.
3-Star: 5 Legendary Tokens, three related 4-Star Hero Covers, 1,000 Hero Points and 50 Command Points.
4-Star: 10 Legendary Tokens, 4,000 Hero Points and 250 Commands Points.
5-Star: 25 Legendary Tokens, 20,000 Hero Points, and 625 Command Points.

How Much does it Cost to Change the Ability Levels of a Championed Hero?
Nothing! Once a hero is Championed, they can re-allocate ability levels however they see fit (outside of a battle).

Do Champions Look Different than Normal Heroes?
A Championed Hero will have a special blue background in all areas that you would normally see them. Other players will be able to tell your hero is a Champion by the blue background on their star rating or the Character’s Information screen.

Do Champions Have a Higher Sell-Back Price?
For every level you invest in a Champion, you will receive more Iso-8 back. Once a Champion is fully leveled, the amount of Iso-8 rewarded is increased further.
2-Star: 100 Iso-8 per level. Sellback price of 65,000 Iso-8 at level 144.
3-Star: 200 Iso-8 per level. Sellback price of 105,000 Iso-8 at level 266.
4-Star: 400 Iso-8 per level. Sellback price of 320,000 Iso-8 at level 370.
5-Star: 800 Iso-8 per level. Sellback price of 500,000 Iso-8 at level 550.