What is a Vault Store?

Vault Stores, like Cover Stores, are often rolled out with events. The Vault Store lets players see exactly what rewards are available in advance. There are a specific amount of items in a Vault Store (although the amount of items within may vary from Vault to Vault). With each token redeemed, the odds of receiving the remaining Vault items are improved (as no new items are added). Each item in the Vault is chosen randomly and the animation when redeeming a Vault store token does not represent or influence which item will be chosen.

How do I earn Vault Store tokens?

Vault Store tokens are earned from participating and placing well in the event. Tokens earned during an event can only be used in the Vault store it was earned in. For example, you can earn Recruit Tokens from playing missions in Deadpool’s Daily Quest. These tokens can be redeemed in the Taco Vault.

How do I redeem Vault Store Tokens?

When viewing the Vault Store from the Recruit Heroes menu, you have several options at the bottom of the store. Tokens that are earned from events are seen on the far left. You are also given the option to purchase tokens in various amounts. Most vaults have a “Daily Deal” which give the option to purchase a token at a reduced price once a day.

Do Vault Store tokens expire?

No, tokens for a Vault Store can be saved indefinitely.

Do the items in a Vault Store ever reset?

Yes! The items in a Vault Store refreshes every time a new event that has a Vault Store appears or when you redeem every item in the Vault Store. You can also use Hero Points to manually refresh the items in a Vault at any time by pressing the Reset Vault button.

Do tokens from Cover Stores convert to Vault Store tokens and vice versa?

No. Events that give out Cover Store tokens can only be redeemed in Cover Stores and Vault Store tokens can only be redeemed in Vault Stores. If the last time an event was run had a Cover Store, those tokens cannot be used in the next run of the event if it is using a Vault Store.

What are Limited Vault Stores?

Limited Vaults are rare vaults with one big change. These Vault Stores behave just like normal Vault Stores but the Vault does not reset. You cannot manually reset these Vault Stores and once all the items have been redeemed the Vault store will not refill the items.