Hi Everyone - 

We understand that there is some confusion around the release of the 9th Anniversary Vault as the current Vault is listed as expiring in a few days (10/12 at midnight PST). 

We have some news that we wish we communicated better but the plan is to have the 9th Anniversary Vaults all month long, so when this Vault expires, a new Vault will take its place.  Each Vault will run for about a week this month and will include 100 items. The tokens you have earned/purchased can be used/carried over for future iterations of the Vault if you prefer to save them.

These Vaults will have slightly different items, namely the randomized covers and a couple of the 3 and 4-star fan favorites will be rotated out. And finally, the last Vault run will be a repeat run of the 1st Vault (the Vault running currently).

We hope everyone is enjoying the Anniversary so far and are getting some most excellent rewards to bolster your roster.  

Thank you!