VIPs get 28 days of exclusive benefits. The benefits include faster recovery time and 28 days of bonus rewards.

How do I become a VIP?

In the top right hand corner and below your current Iso-8, Hero Points, and Command Points is a button to take you to the VIP screen. Once there, there’s a button at the bottom upgrade to a VIP.

How much does does it cost to upgrade to a VIP?

$9.99 (or region equivalent) for 28 days.

What are the benefits of being a VIP?

Just for signing up, you will get a Legendary Token. While you are a VIP, your characters will recover 25% faster. Finally, each day you are VIP you will receive a bonus reward for logging in that day.

Does the faster recovery time affect both downed and injured characters?

Yes! The bonus will apply to both downed and injured recovery times.

What kind of bonus rewards can I get?

Each day you will get an item from a predetermined list. You can see this list in game by tapping the VIP button. Items that you can get include Legendary Tokens, Heroic Tokens, Command Points, Hero Points, and Iso-8.

What happens if I don’t log in one day?

You will not lose a reward if you miss a day. Once you log in and claim that day’s reward, the next day will continue normally.

What happens when my VIP status expires?

The day after your VIP Status expires, you will be given the option to renew and become a VIP again. Once you renew, you gain all the benefits of being a VIP and the 28 bonus rewards starts all over.

What is a VIP Streak Bonus?

When you renew your VIP status within a day of your VIP status expiring, everyone in your alliance will receive 1 Command Point for continuing your VIP Streak.

I'm a new player, when can I sign-up for VIP?

VIP is enabled in the game once a player completes the tutorial and have been playing the game for 7 days.