With Emma Frost's release, we're updating to have her fed by herself, which is only logical. However, this also breaks a feeder chain of 4-Star Emma feeding Kitty Pryde. Fixing that logically would break another chain, etc etc. So in short, we've got a batch of feeder changes that all work along with one another!

You may have noticed something in a couple of those arrows: RETRO!
For these changes, we will be offering Retro rewards for the cover/shards given at the various levels of Champion rewards. So for example, if you have an Ant-Man at level 295, you would have received a Wasp cover and 100 Wasp Shards already, but would *miss out* on the new Yellowjacket rewards. So we'd gift that Yellowjacket cover and Shards to keep you on the same reward path.

These changes are planned to go Live with Emma Frost's release, but may take place later in the day. So if you don't see them when you wake up on the 22nd, be patient.

Thanks as always for playing!