Bonus Rewards are our way of saying thank you to players that support Marvel Puzzle Quest. Bonus Rewards are extra gifts that you get while playing Story missions.

How do I get Bonus Rewards?

When you make a purchase, you'll get Bonus Rewards for the next 30 days.

Where do I find Bonus Rewards?

Bonus Reward prompts sometimes appear after claiming the regular rewards from a Story mission.

How often will I encounter Bonus Rewards?

If your Bonus Rewards are active, you'll get one after successfully completing your first Story or Prologue mission of the day. Additional Story or Prologue missions you complete have a chance of rewarding more. You can earn up to 10 Bonus Rewards per day.

What kind of Bonus Rewards can I get?

Possible Bonus Rewards include: 1 Command Point, 100 Hero Points, 2,000 Iso-8, 1 Heroic token, 1 Elite Token, 25 Hero Points, 1,000 Iso-8, 10 Hero Points, or 500 Iso-8.

I play on Steam or an Amazon device. Can I get Bonus Rewards?

Yes! Bonus Rewards are for players on all platforms.