What are Basic tiles?
Basic tiles are normal, colored tiles on the board. Matching them deals damage to the enemy and generates AP in the color of the tile. This damage is based on the character making the match, and can be seen by selecting the tile. Basic tiles can come in Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, and Black.

Types of Special tiles:

Attack tiles- Deals damage to the enemy target at the end of the turn.

Countdown tiles - Counts down by 1 each turn. These tiles can have an effect each turn until the countdown runs out or have an effect when the countdown hits zero.

Invisibility tiles - Makes a specific character Invisible while on the board.

Protect tiles - Reduces all damage dealt by opposing team.

Strike tiles - Increases all damage dealt to the opposing team made by the owning team.

Repeater tiles - Similar to Countdown tiles, but after the count reaches 0 and the effect is triggered, the tile remains on the board and the count resets.

Types of tile effects:

Charged tiles - Deals 3 times the damage and generates 3 AP when matched. Not owned by either team.

Fortified tiles - Must be matched twice to remove. Fortified tiles retain their other type as well. Not owned by either team (unless the underlying tile was already owned).

Locked tiles - Cannot be moved and the tile's other effects are nullified, and as such do not count as the underlying type until unlocked. Can be unlocked by matching/destroying it. There are various types of locked tiles, such as Force Bubble, Locked Web Tiles, and more but they all function the same way.

Types of Character tiles:

Black Hole tiles (Silver Surfer) - Consumes random adjacent tiles each turn, dealing damage and generating AP. Cannot be matched or changed and does not fall. This tile has no color.

Eye of Agamotto (Doctor Strange - Sorcerer Supreme) - Removes a random enemy attack tile each turn. Cannot be matched or changed and does not fall. This tile has no color.

Gun (Gwenpool) - Surely this tile will do something important!

Motivation tiles (Black Bolt) - Raises the levels of allies’ powers. Cannot be matched or changed and does not fall. This tile has no color.
Web tiles (Various) - Used by various powers. Not owned by either team.

Types of Other tiles:

Critical Tiles - Can be matched as any color and makes the match deal more damage. Not owned by either team.

Team-Up tiles - These tiles function similarly to Basic tiles, but generate Team-Up AP instead of color AP. Not owned by either team.

Trap tiles - These tiles are hidden from the opponent and often have special effects that activate when matched. If the tiles are removed from the board by a method other than matching them, they are disarmed instead of activating.