Star-Lord likes a good joke as much as anyone else. Maybe even a little bit more. But you know what he likes even more than a good joke? The limelight. And maybe working out in that limelight. Quill has been watching some classic workout videos lately and has decided to get in on the action. And what better way to do that than to knock that high-falutin' Deadpool off his pedestal as host of Deadpool Daily. Come celebrate April Fools Day with Star-Lord, who is Spartax Strong!


  • Spider-Man (Bag-Man) - Bags to Riches (3/31-4/4)

  • Star-Lord (Volume 2) - Dancing With the Star-Lord (4/3-4/6)

    • Star-Lord will be in a special outfit for this run of the event


  • Daily Workout (4/1-4/4)

    • Star-Lord competes with Deadpool for control of the Deadpool Daily


  • Star-Lord (Volume 2) will be receiving a rebalance!