Update: This issue is now fixed and the offer is back up again in the game.  Thanks again for your patience!

Hi Everyone –

We discovered an issue where the Choose Your Own Adventure Offer was rewarding players with 1 Command Point to Alliance members rather than the expected 5 Command Points when the offer went live today.

We have temporarily removed this offer and it can no longer be purchased so we can fix the Alliance CP number to be the correct 5 instead of 1.  After the fix, we will be able to identify the users that only received 1 CP from purchase and will automatically credit those users with the correct amount of 5 CP.

We will be making this offer available again later today.  Just to note when the offer is available again, those that have already purchased it will be unable to re-purchase the offer.

Please let us know if you have any questions and we apologize for this inconvenience.